What is RPL

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process that acknowledges the skills and abilities that you have built up via prior study, which includes both formal and non-formal learning, along with work experience and volunteering. Through RPL on specific units, you can receive your qualification without having to repeat the same learnings that you’ve already experienced. Under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) which regulates education in Australia, all students are entitled to have their previous skills, experience and training recognised to enhance their progression into and between qualifications. Every Registered Training Organisation (RTO) has different policies and procedures for assessing your eligibility for RPL, but the basis of the procedure stays the same. The experience and skills that you’ve gained throughout your work or school life can fast track you towards completing a qualification earlier, and lessen the time burden of having to undergo a course to get you closer to your dream career.

Futures Consultancy has partnered with a number or Registered training organisations(RTO) to cater our clients RPL qualifications needs.

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Benefits of RPL

  • Receive a nationally recognised qualification in very short time
  • Save time and money
  • No need of any repeated learning and No need of sitting in any classroom for the skills and knowledge you already have!!
  • Boost career and education opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve undergone a qualification in a particular area, worked in a position that’s enabled you to undergo industry- relevant tasks, or simply been trained in-house through a company you’ve previously worked for; you may be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning through a course you’re interested in taking part in. If the evidence is relevant to the course you’re interested in, this information will be assessed by the education provider running the course and they will determine whether you’re a suitable applicant. If they find your experience to , you can gain credits towards your chosen course, and essentially, complete it in next to no time.

  • Formal Identification documents
  • Current Resume
  • Work experience evidences such as – Work related payslips, emploement contract, Position descriptions, any full qualifications or statements of attainments achieved, Observations from your workplace, Performance review/ staff appraisal documents,Licences such as  working with children check, NDIS police clearance (For health care qualifications)
  • Employer reference letters detailing about your job duties, roles and acheivements
  • Any previous qualifications related to the RPL course you are applying.
  • Photos & Videos of your work (Mainly for trade courses)
  • USI number – If you don’t have, please create one from

Being awarded with a Nationally Recognised Qualification is very satisfying, especially when your years of work experience has been recognised. A qualification is a great tool to assist you to be more competitive when seeking a promotion or when you submit a new employment application with a fresh and up to date resume you can be proud of. You can then present your certificate/s awarded via RPL at interview and have the confidence in knowing that they will help to support your claim that you are the best person for the job.

Achieving a Nationally Recognized Qualification via RPL means you hold a qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

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